Indoor Activities

A variety of games to keep you occupied, such as Table Tennis, Darts, board games and console games. We also have a beautiful mini-library! A separate kiddie area for toddlers keeps your children occupied while you relax.

Outdoor Activities

A number of activities to help you feel invigorated, or to help you unwind on your holiday at our homestay. On offer is a full-size swimming pool, cricket, volleyball, football, badminton, kite-flying and campfire nights!

Folk Art/Entertainment

Experience the rich tradition of the region by enjoying a folk dance performed by local tribes.This activity depends on the availability of artistes and takes place on weekends only.

Boat Ride

A boat ride that allows you to explore the wonderful avian fauna by the edge of the water. This activity depends on the season.

Bird Watching

Bird watching in Kabini is an excellent activity. You can enjoy sighting a variety of birds, as over 300 species of birds have been recorded in this region.

Nature Walk

Take a leisurely stroll by the riverside to discover the landscapes around the backwaters.


Enjoy a pleasurable ride by the backwaters of Kabini through winding and quiet village roads and orchards.

Bullock Cart Ride

Experience the thrill of riding in a bullock cart along the Kabini backwaters. You could also explore the village roads, sitting in your trusty chariot! This activity is chargeable at the campsite.

Star Gazing

Enjoy a view of the starry skies at our homestay.

Village Tour

Experience the Kuruba tribe’s Hadis (mud houses) by travelling through the nearby village where the members of the tribe reside. This activity will be followed by a visit to the scenic view of Nagarahole and Bandipur on either side of the trail. This activity is chargeable at the campsite.

Temple Visit

Experience history by visiting the ancient Bheemana Kolli Sri Veerabhadreshwara Temple and taking a tour of the remains of abandoned temples built by the Chola Dynasty.
This activity is chargeable at the campsite.

Dress for Comfort

  • We would recommend that you avoid bright colors and stick to wearing mellow shades of green, black, grey and brown. The more you blend in with the background, the better.
  • Wearing comfortable walking shoes helps keep you on your feet for longer.
  • Avoid smoking – the smallest of sparks can start a forest fire.
  • You will be spending a lot of time outdoors – don’t forget your hat, sunscreen,sunglasses, torch, emergency kit or any other essentials.
  • Please do try and avoid using plastic items. We try our best to maintain and preserve the natural beauty of this region.